Multi-Ch. Elia de Maeloc Copyright Pastores del Pas. Pastores del Pas, it is a registered trademark in record of Affixes of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, FCI, with the No. 11272 We are specializing breeders for more than 22 years, in Gos  D'Atura Català; firstly with the affix El Zurrón and now as  PASTORES DEL PAS, affix recognized by the F.C.I. with the  number 11.272, we give to our passion for breeding, a family  breeding which all the members so much big, as small we enjoy;  applying a line very concrete based on the one hand in the search  for the best character, to make our small puppies, the delights of  their future owners and on the other looking for quality,  understanding this as a perfect health, not in vain all our  reproducers have the certificate well of the A.V.E.P.A. well of the  A.M.V.A.C. of being free of dysplasia; as the beauty something of  what we are really proud, because in almost all our litters we find  exemplary champions; and the sociability that our dogs are always  perfectly suited to its new family. If through this lines you have motivated and you are anxious to  have your puppy, write us already, but keep in mind that all this  work is just our hobby, and that we are not dedicated to the  intensive exploitation of our breeding animals, if not to a breeding  select by what perhaps you have that have something of patience,  because usually have reserves previous. This waiting we are sure  that it worth you, because your friend is for life and the best will be  to make you feel proud of. AND DO NOT FORGET, THE PUPPY ALWAYS YOU RECEIVE, WITH AT LEAST TWO MONTHS OF LIFE, PROPERLY WEANED, WITH MICROCHIP, HOUSETRAINED, VACCINATED AND A COMPLETE VETERINARY REVIEW.